We held our kick off meeting on the 17th September. Find presentations below:

Opening and Welcome
by Christian Scherf (directorate DESY)

Gender equality in research

  • Gender equality in Horizon 2020 - Robert Jan Smits (Director-General of the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation (RTD)
  • Gender equality in STEM - Martina Schraudner (Leader Responsible Research and Innovation - Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft) Presentation
  • Gender equality in physics - Teresa Lago (Professor at Physics and Astronomy department, University of Porto) Presentation

The GENERA project - the work packages
Chaired by Thomas Berghöfer (DESY) - GENERA Coordinator

  • WP1 Introduction to the project structure - Sandra Hesping (DESY) Presentation
  • WP2: Status of GEP activities in Europe - Sveva Avveduto (CNR) Presentation
  • WP3: Monitor and evaluate progress of gender equality - Helene Schiffbänker (Joanneum) Presentation
  • WP4: Customized GEPs and their implementation - Katrin Klink (KIT) and Ulla Weber (MPG) Presentation
  • WP5: Forming an alliance to address gender in research - Job de Kleuver (FOM) Presentation
  • WP6: Dissemination and valorisation - Elizabeth Pollitzer (Portia Ltd) Presentation

Implementing the GENERA project

  • Guidelines on reporting - Paula Mota-Alves (REA) Presentation

Other 'Gender-in-Science' initiatives

  • Gender in Science initiatives in the Nordic countries - Lotta Strandberg (Senior Adviser of NORDFORSK, Norway) Presentation
  • Institute of Phyiscs Project Juno in the United Kingdom and Ireland - Eithne McCabe (Trinity College Dublin; leader of the Juno project) Presentation
  • FOm/f incentives programme in The Netherlands - Christa Hooijer (Director of FOM) Presentation
  • European FP7 project INTEGER - (INstitutional Transformation for Effecting Gender Equality in Research) - Ana Puy (Directora de la Unidad de Mujeres y Ciencia) Presentation

Enhancing impact through a network of additional research performing organisations (RPOs) and research funding organisations (RFOs)